If I Could See the World from Your Lenses


The magnificent little details,
In things so mundane,
I would see,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

The skyscrapers towering the ocean blue sky,
The lilies blossoming in winter,
I would see,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

New places I’d travel across the globe,
Every day for free,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

From angles undefined,
I’d be gazing, the other side of the moon,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

Colors of nature so vivid,
Children dancing in the rain,
My eyes would behold,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

You make my world a bit brighter,
Like the rainbow coloring a gloomy sky,
It is because, I can see, the world from your lenses..

Thank you so much for making my world so colorful :

Chris from Milford Street

Pratik from Aimless

Tom from Spirit in Politics

Kevin from The Screenplay of Life Chronicles

365dniwobiektywielg – My Polish friend

Cheers to these wonderful photographer whose camera gives me much joy and food for thought ! ❤ I am blessed to have met you 🙂

74 thoughts on “If I Could See the World from Your Lenses

  1. Oh wow, Himali. I am deeply touched to be included in this group. Thank you. The poem is so beautiful. I feel the same way about other photographers. Their images just seem to transport me and see things I otherwise would not. Cheers. =)

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  2. I just came to stalk your blog and your theme has changed :p Nice theme btw and about the poem, I ended up singing it instead of just reading 😛 It is that awesome.


  3. ” They say a picture speaks a thousand words. And just now, I saw it.”
    “They say words are the parable of life, a gateway to the hearts of people. And now, I saw it.”

    Beautiful words. Great photo.
    Keep writing.

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  4. Himali! You are such a sweet person. That was a beautiful poem! Thank you so much for the mention. It puts a huge smile on my face knowing that my photos brighten your day. This weekend, I will be going to Sequoia National Park in California, to visit the world’s largest trees. I will be sure to think of you when I snap the photos. Looking forward to sharing them with you next week. Also, keep up the amazing work here on your blog. You have a talent – or should I say – you have many talents. 🙂

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    • Thank u so much Kevin, I’m so glad to bring a smile to you. I was spellbound when I saw your post on Europe. I so want to visit all the places you have captured in the post 🙂
      I will be looking forward to your Califonia trip and see the beautiful woods.
      You’re really generous with all the lovely compliments.. Thanks a lot.
      Lots of good wishes for you 😊😊😊
      Stay blessed 🙂


  5. What a very beautiful tribute to lenses…and the people looking through them. So thoughtful and so moving…do not stop looking through those wonderful lenses at this wonderful world we live in! 🙂

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    • My pleasure Pratik. If I’m not wrong, you’re my earliest friend in blogosphere 🙂 and I really love the thought you share after each picture. . It makes it really noteworthy. . Great work buddy.. Keep it up 👍👍

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      • Yup, your writing had made me put a comment and you still are doing that. Cheers for that. 🙂 I must say that you are very consistent with writing and would love to see you writing a book. Actually, I want all bloggers to invest time in writing a book, especially those who are consistent and knowing the fact (from your other post) that you are a strong believer of LOVE, I would expect a love story. 😀

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        • Hehe.. that would be my dream come true. I’d love writing a love story. I actually wrote 2 short love stories . I published one today titled : Chocolate you’re sweeter than chocolates and 2nd and one other one are titled : Always and Drafts : Few things left unsaid.

          Generally I don’t promote my posts, but I think I can ask you to have a look at these 3 and let me know how do you like them 😀

          Thank you so much for all the love and encouragement and being my friend all along. I’m so blessed to have met you. . All the very very best to you for your photo goals. Much love 😀💟

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          • You don’t need to think, you can just ask. 😀 By the way, I read all three of them not because you asked me but I wanted to. Actually, been away from WordPress and missing lots of posts these days, my to–read list is growing long day by day. Anyways, I liked all three of them but especially the third one ‘Chocolate you’re sweeter than chocolates’. I just loved that you wrote it from male character’s perspective. It is quite challenging to get into character’s shoes and express what he could feel, particularly of opposite gender. You have done fab job. Cheers! 👍👍 And, short stories is a good start. I won’t say keep it up but rather begin and finish it off and keep the things moving in right direction. Thanks for motivation to my photo goals. 🙂

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            • That is so so so so sweet of you Pratik !! I have no words to express. I am so happy to have found a lovely friend like you who pushes me so much towards my goals. Yeah, I will now start writing regularly and bind it together so it can take the shape of a novel soon !! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely feedback, It made my day !!! 🙂 😀 Much Love ❤ Keep smiling, Keep Clicking (y)


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