Rhyming Poem : A Precious Present !

My name is Himali
I’m a writer of sorts
I have my own blog
To express many thoughts
My Posts seem quite popular
My messages are clear
And that’s why I’m smiling
You all seem so near.

I love sharing smiles
Across oceans of blue
I love sharing stories
“cos that’s what I do
But what I love most
You may comprehend
Are all the people I have met
And consider each a friend.

Now I will close
Just not enough time
So I’ll end this poem
With its simple rhymes
And say to all Thank You
For supporting my blog
Thank you dear people
And (of course) Ray … a dog!

Say Hello to Ray (Woof Woof) & Colin :)
Say Hello to Ray (Woof Woof) & Colin ๐Ÿ™‚

In my previous post : Masked Smiles, my friend Upenย instigated me to write a rhyming poem. Little did I know, Ray & Colin would come to my rescue ! Colin composed this lovely poem and sent across to me. I am so thankful to Ray (woof woof !!) & Colin for this lovely present. I am blessed to have met such lovely friends like you.ย 

115 thoughts on “Rhyming Poem : A Precious Present !

        • Hi Soumya – I too was afraid of dogs having been bitten by one as a child. Even my early days with Ray often caused concern however, like life in general, knowledge is the key (and perhaps a little luck!). Be receptive to any friends who have dogs and who you feel are responsible dog owners for those are the dogs that can make you more comfortable around them. Learn about dogs because there are some very specific do’s and don’ts ……. and you need to understand them. Dog’s read body language as their main dialogue and you must behave accordingly. Dogs are wonderful friends and are true examples of unconditional love. I have learned so much from Ray, it is almost embarrassing to admit it! All the best. Colin.

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  1. To everybody who seems to have really appreciated our poetic gesture, Ray and I thank you. However, there is a life analogy here.
    I read many short stories and poems on various Blogs some of which are very good; some are very complex and difficult to understand the writer’s perspective, and there are some which simply read like a response to an examination question on poetic structures!
    Our poem, while never likely to go down in history as a work of art, was created in around 15 minutes and has clearly brought smiles to many faces. It’s structure is very simple; it’s message is direct ……… and with this kind of response, was the most rewarding 15 minutes of work that I have done for a long time.
    In business, there is a saying “Keep it simple”. I would suggest that poetry can often benefit from the same philosophy, as can life. Keep it simple and spread smiles around our world. Have a great day everybody. ๐Ÿ™‚ Regards. Colin and (of course) Ray. Woof!

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  2. I’ve been following Colin and Ray for a while now. Ray is such a sweetie dog and Colin can sure write some great poetry!
    So fun to read about each other in each others blogs!
    Happy weekend!


  3. Oh dear! I can just say -wwwoooooowwwwwwww !
    U R a gr8 blogger (I know that every1 also knows that,but I am 1st to tell U that ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) !

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