Love – Hate !


My friends Rob from The V-Pub, Karuna from Simply Karuna & Aplis7 from AplisPoetry have nominated me to participate in the Love/Hate challenge. They are not only wonderful bloggers but also amazing friends, I am blessed to have met. Thank you so much for nominating me for this challenge. It gave me an opportunity to sit back and ponder upon my likes and dislikes. Here are the rules:

  • List 10 things that you love.
  • List 10 things that you hate.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge

So let me start with the things I LOVE ❤ :

  1. I love making friends (As my friend Rob puts it – Friends across borders), interacting with them and learning from them. I love interacting with everyone I meet in daily walks of life, right from my watchman, my neighbors, colleagues and friend’s friends’.
  2. WRITING. Do I need to say more ? Words fail to define the happiness I have found ever since I started writing and blogging.
  3. I love reading novels, fiction and nonfiction. Books which have influenced me greatly are : Tuesdays With Morrie and Harry Potter Series.
  4. Spending time with my family gives me unparalleled happiness. We need not be doing anything in particular or dining at a fancy place, a few hours of laughter and conversation are a bliss !
  5. Catching up with friends !! Even a simple chat over the phone where we talk like nothing has changed even though we’ve been talking after ages, is the best feeling ever. After all, true friendship is timeless..facebook_1436870135656
  6. Going for a drive (I do not own a Car, yet; so by drives, I mean rides on my scooter or bike rides with friends or my brother) on a rainy day, early in the morning or late in the evening. The feeling where the cool breeze plays with my tresses is absolutely amazing.
  7. Catching up on movies. I love watching movies back to back on weekends snuggled in my bed 🙂
  8. Simple mom made food after a long day at work is heavenly ❤
  9. A stroll on a monsoon evening smelling the scent of the rain mingled with the earth, watching greenery around and feeling the drops of rain, fall gently on my palms.
  10. I love nature in all its forms. Flora, fauna, beaches, mountains, birds, pets, animals and every element of nature is an inspiration to me. I love trekking and cycling in the laps of Mother Nature.
  11. Listening to music, whose lyrics touch my heart.

Things I HATE 😦 :

As I reflected, I learnt one thing. There are many things I ‘dislike’, but I don’t have any particular dislike in extreme to call it ‘Hate’. I believe in one thing:

The things you hate, occupy a rent free space in your mind.

So, I’d love to keep my mind away from the hates and focus on all the lovely blessings in life.

Nominations :















No compulsions to participate, just an opportunity to each other a little more 🙂

113 thoughts on “Love – Hate !

  1. Really great answers Himali I’m definitely with you on 3,5,7,10 and 11 and I love the fact you can’t list any hates it just shows what a good natured person you are☺

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  2. Wow Himali. A very cool list, cooler than your name…
    And many things are common in between us, novels ( Dan Brown and chetan Bhagat), driving in the evening without any destination, maa ke haat ka khana aur music! Lyrics which touch our hearts.. Thanks for nominating me Himali. I am very happy, add one more reason, it’s raining here… I will do this challenge as soon… 🙂
    Thanks… 🙂

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  3. It is so fun to learn about the things you love. I agree that hate is not worth thinking about. Thanks for nominating me for the challenge….This will give me some things to think on. I hope your day is going great. Cheers =)

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  4. I’d love to have a scooter! They look like they’re a lot of fun to drive. Yes, hate is too powerful a word and I’m glad that you had omitted them. I agree with all of your likes, except for #9. I haven’t had the pleasure of walking in a Monsoon, but I imagine that it would be beautiful. Have a great day!

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    • Oh they are so amazing, I can drive one all day without complaining !! Although I prefer sitting on the backseat and enjoying the ride even more 😀
      You got to try monsoon rain walk, I bet you will enjoy it tons 🙂 Happy TidBit Tuesday Rob !! 🙂


  5. That was awesome. I was expecting to read your hate list and was surprised to read you don’t like to hate. But honestly, I know you may not hate things, but you might dislike things and avoid them to continue being happy. Right? It was good to read your blog. May God bless you always.

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  6. Beautiful message! Sometimes I find the softest emotions take the biggest courage to express completely. A lovely read! Can’t wait to see where your blog goes from here!

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  7. What a a very beautiful love list… It is the simple things that cost nothing in monetary terms that are the most precious! Mother Nature often has a hand in it! I loved reading your 10 loves Himali! It surprises me not that there is no Hate list. Hate as you say is SO strong a word… It would gnaw way at and destroy your soul! Well done for no hate list! How very sweet of you to nominate me. I am honoured! Right now it is our busiest gardening season… When I come home it is enough to cook, clean, etc catch a few blogs and connect with like minded folk like yourself! I think I will delay challenges for late Autumn or Winter months… That will be my ultimate blogging season… For now I will wish you much happiness and joy and thank you again. I hope I have not caused offence by declining… Sorry if so… Take good care, 🌹🌿🐌 xx

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    • Oh Krysia, thank you so much for this lovely comment of yours. I admire the fact that in spite if such a busy season in gardening, you take precious time out to read through our blogs and post lovely inspiring thoughts.. well I am also pretty sure you are such a sweet and wonderful lady that you too would have no hates in life 🙂
      There is no hurry to post. . Anytime and season is fine my friend 🙂
      Thanks again for all your lovely wishes.. Wish you too and your lovely family and garden bounteous love, Smiles and happiness 😇😇😇
      Keep smiling and have a wonderful time ❤
      Much love 🙂 💗💗

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      • Beautiful words from a beautiful lady across the ether…thank you so so much! Your words are a real joy and nectar for the soul! Love and Blessings also to you and your family also…saw something yesterday in a garden where I was working which inspired me to write a poem late last night! Just got to source an appropriate picture…watch this space…!
        Another glorious warm day in Scotland and dry for a change.
        Take good care, K 🙂 xx

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        • Hi Krys, I just went through your about page today. I am unable to post comments somehow. But I must say that I am deeply touched and inspired by your story. You are a source of love and inspiration. So glad to learn about your organic gardening business. Wish you a lovely sunny week ahead. Lots of love and prayers from Mumbai 🙂 ❤💕
          I shall await your post.. I’m sure it would be as lovely as you Krys.
          Keep smiling 🙂 love and hugs 💗💗💗

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          • Hi Himali, thank you for your gracious words! Your lovely kind wishes from Mumbai mean so much to me…one day I would love to see India…it is a dream of mine…bit overcast and wet today so I might have a day of rest and even catch up with a few blogs later…a very big hug and love to you also…a happy Friday and Week End ahead…sorry you could not post on my About page…I am getting too old to be on the ball with technical stuff…that is stuff for the younger generation like yourself! Your comment still arrived and always such a pleasure to hear from you my friend! Love and Blessings from Scotland!! X

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            • Oh Krys, it was some error from my end that I couldnt post the comments 🙂 Happy that now it is resolved ! And please, you are so young and youthful; it reflects in your lovely warm smile Krys ❤ After all, age is just a number. I feel your blessings engulfing me with smiles coming right from your farm with the scents of beautiful flowers. Whenever you come to India, please let me know, I would love to show you around. It is a wonderful country and I'm sure you'd fall in love with its beauty..
              Catch up some sleep and rest in the rainy day 🙂 Giant bear hugs to you ❤ ❤
              I am having a lovely week.. Wish you a blessed Friday & Happy weekend in advance ❤ ❤

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  8. Ohhhhh, you appreciate a ton of things that I do too. Hey, what can I say? Great minds think alike, right 😉
    Thank you so much for the nomination Himali. I will have to decline though, because my time is so limited and I like to keep my blog just for artsy stuff. I still have to do the challenge you’ve challenged me for though. The three quotes thing. I’m so sorry it’s taking me so long to get to. It’s the whole time thing and I want to put the quotes to cool pics and stuff, so it’s require some work on my end. I hope you don’t mind me not doing this. But, I am so thankful that you consider me for this though sweetie.
    And I’m so glad that you are hate-free. I think it’s great that you used dislike.
    Have a great day, my friend.
    btw, I’ve almost finished my next mixed-media piece. It’s a painted over collage. I don’t really like it that much, but I’m still seeking the right words to go with it. You’ll see it soon. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Hey Stacily,
      You are a sunshine 💕 and I absolutely adore all your mixed media art my friend. There’s no issue with declining. I completely understand and appreciate that. I am so excited to catch up on your mixed media quotes art !! I am sure you’d be doing such brilliant art pieces 😇
      Keep smiling and keep crafting. You are a sunshine to me 🌞
      Sending you Hugs, love and some flowers 💕💖💗❤🌻🌼🌹💐
      Have a blessed week ahead ! Happy crafting 😇
      Super excited for your next post 😊😀

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          • Hahahaha. Thanks for the well wishes HImali. Actually, the last piece I just ended up throwing out. I didn’t like it at all. I’m going to start afresh on something else. Think I’ll write today though. Let’s see if I can get something out by the end of the day. I hope so.
            Bless you sweetie.
            🙂 ❤


            • Haha.. happens with me often. I start out to make something grand and it ends up in the bin ! It’s okay Stacily, it happens 🙂
              Keep trying and never give up..
              Have a lovely weekend 😊😀😊

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              • Awwwwwww, thanks sweetie. Good to know I’m not alone. I’m finally going to post the first of the three quotes challenge. I wrote a poem to go along with it, and embedded it a photo I recently took. Hope you like it.
                🙂 ❤

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                • Lovely poem. Just loved the way you presented the poem in the photo.. how beautiful 😇 The picture is also so lovely Stacey. You’re a photographer as well, I didn’t know that 😊
                  Kudos 🌷🌸💐

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                  • Awwwww, thanks so much Himali. I’m not actually a photographer, but I’m a huge sucker for eye candy. I try my hand at it every so often. I wish I had more time to invest into it (and mixed-media), but unfortunately I don’t. I’ll have to stick with my flashes of ‘every-so-often’. this photo was actually taken in a burnt car. I placed the gerbera daisy in the back and took the shot. It speaks hope to me.
                    Thanks again for your kind words, and of course the lovely flowers. hehehe.
                    🙂 ❤


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